300 Days!

I am tired… so freakin tired… I had an unscheduled paid vacation last week thanks to Hurricane Sandy. It was nice but I was getting up every morning at 6:00 just in case I was called back to work.  Once power had been restored to the office, it’s has been no stop playing catch up since Friday afternoon.  Between work all weekend, band competition, PMA meeting, early voting, a Bid N Buy coming up on Thursday night then a football game and dinner with friends Friday and Saturday, this feels like the busiest nine days of my life.  I am ready to crash and only half way through it all! BUT still am finding time to work out.  Even if it’s 20 minutes in my basement, I am making them count!  My last run was on 11/2 and I hit another PR – 11:55/mi/min for 3 miles! I felt like I was doing horribly and was shocked when my app told me what the final pace was. I finally made it under 12 minutes for each mile – sweet! Now that we turned the clocks back, it is almost dark when I get home at 5:00 so I guess it’s back to the gym to hit the treadmill.  I live by busy roads and do not feel comfortable running at night. I am worried about getting hit…and it’s COLD! So, I’ll deal for now. I want to build up my home gym to be more then a few sets of dumbbells and hopefully cut the cord to the gym membership.  Maybe Santa will me nice to me this year :0)
I also noticed today that I hit my 300 mark as consecutive days logging on to My Fitness Pal!  I am proud of this accomplishment because… wait for it… I have followed through with counting my calories! I seriously did not expect to last a month.  Now, in this time, I have only lost ten pounds.  However, I am down a few inches in my waist and hips and my clothes fit so much better.  I was told the other day by a coworker that I am looking skinny! I am not obsessed with what the scale says this time around. I am focusing on how I feel and how my clothes feel.  I am not near my goal weight yet.  However, I do not feel like a monster anymore. I do not feel like I am spinning out of control anymore. I was in such a dark place 300 days ago but now I feel awesome! I would not trade that for a lower number on the scale.  I went into this knowing I wanted a life change- not a quick fix.  I have days where I don’t feel like moving and that’s ok.  I just use that as my rest day and work harder the next day.  It’s all about compromising with myself.


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