So Far, So Good

   The past two weeks I have kept my promise to myself.  I have worked out 4-5 days each week! I am starting to feel the urge to work out daily and feel guilty when I don’t.  That guilt makes me push myself further the following day.  I suppose this is what a routine feels like huh?
   I decided since there is still some daylight when I leave work and the weather is still comfortable, I will go to the park and run every other day instead of going to the crowded gym.  I am loving it!  I have PR’d each time with my 3 miles.  Yesterday I was SO EXCITED to hear MapMyRun tell me I had paced 11.55 at the 2nd mile mark. I have never been under 12.3 minutes before! Just before that, I was spent and mentally checking out.  That was the spark I needed to push through and finish that last mile. Again I PR’d a minute less then last week’s park run at 36:12!  This is a flat course. On Saturday I did 13 minute miles over hills in 40:04.  I realized if I don’t listen to music and don’t obsess over my time, I do so much better and it’s FUN!  I do feel like I need to work on my form. I imagine the turtle in the Bugs Bunny cartoons when I am jogging along.  Sometimes that does break my concentration – LOL.  I am ready to shed my slow poke turtle shell but I am patient enough to know in good time, that will happen.
   On alternate days, I go to my basement and make up my own circuits with weights. My favorite moves are Wood Chops ( Hammer Swings – whatever they are called ) Squats with Press, Plank Rows and basic front and side planks.  I am starting to think why do I really need that gym membership when I can kick ass on my own? All I need now is a squat rack or a bench and a treadmill and I’d be set!
    It is already be dark in the morning ( I am NOT a let’s go running before 8:00 AM person ) and soon it will be dark when I leave work.  Will I run after work anyway?  I will need to stick to the roads since the parks will be closed at that point…bike paths make me nervous after dark – even with my dogs in tow. I am already trying to plan for this moment. I can always go to the gym I guess…. In the mean time, I will enjoy being out side as much as possible and work on moving up to the next size dumbbell (12.5 here I come!).


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