I really need to get back into a work out routine… badly.  I have been on My Fitness Pal since January.  I religiously count calories and measure my food.  But working out is not something I tend to stick with (see post from August!).  I get going for a few months then slack off for some reason or another… mostly because life just gets in the way.  With my daughter driving herself to and from band/drama practice or to her friends houses, I have a lot more to spare.  Spring and summer is my time to live outside in the gardens, walking for miles with my husband around town or hiking in the woods.  Gardening is almost over and so I need to focus again. Over the past month, I have made an effort to get back to the gym or to the park for a jog after work. I pack my clothes or sometimes ( GASP! ) wear them to work so there are no excuses at the end of the day. I do not go home on these days because there is a greater chance that I will sit down and not get back up for the rest of the evening.  Since daylight is ending earlier each day, I find myself dreading the gym.  I do not know why – maybe boredom… but I will get there!

     Because I am a notorious slacker, I decided to make this announcement: I vow to work out for at least 30 minutes x4 a week for the whole month of October starting… yesterday.  Last week I made it out 2 days…. so I am not counting that! I will be happy with a 10 pound weight loss and down one pants size by Thanksgiving.  I will make this happen!  And I hold everyone that reads this ( all two of you ) responsible for pushing me if I start to slack off.
    I just started to use the NTC ( Nike Training Club ) app – not sure how I like it yet but I will use it as part of my work outs and review it at another time ( incentive to keep going right?)

Ok… It’s almost time to go home… see you in a few days to document my progress!


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