Karma or personal vendetta?

    I know a guy who’s work trailer has been broken into and all his tools stolen so many times that he now stores the trailer in a warehouse to keep it safe.  Or so he thought…. First he discovered on Friday that his business bank account was wiped out by someone writing fake checks.  Then he went to the warehouse this morning to get his trailer and found out he was robbed again!  This time, the thieves broke into the warehouse from the back using a blowtorch and then they broke into his trailer and stole all his tools.  He was not the only one hit that night. There were other companies like artists and welders that used this space for storage…. But how much does this suck?  I mean really! First your back account then this all in a few days! It has to make you wonder what the hell you did to to be the target of the same crimes over and over… It’s time to take matters into your own hands I think… They should probably get a security system at this point.  OR what would alternative options? Actions that would take someone by surprise. How about electrifying the trailer door?  Motion sensor triggered pepper spray? Attack dogs: one to guard the warehouse and a 2nd one inside the trailer? These crooks are crafty but they would not expect the 2nd dog… just sayin’….


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