Wait… where was I?

WOW! Has it really been over two years since I posted on here?  I was on such a roll….I would chalk it up to what would be my follow through, or lack there of.  But I’ve busy! I swear! This always happens. I start something, then never complete it or accomplish my ultimate goal.  Like what you ask? Um for starters, how about this blog that I started back in 2009? The reason was because I was lovingly told I talk to much ( thanks Dear).  So, I thought if I wrote out my daily stories or thoughts, I would not feel the need to tell everyone about it. I am a story teller like my dad.  It’s in  my blood! I feel like you need ALL the details in order to understand the situation. Anyway, my friends/family were all very encouraging but only a few were/still are thoughtful enough to read it and suggest I keep writing. And so, after a year, I lost interest..I can just tell those 3 people my stories anyway.  Why blog about it?
 How about the oil painting that I spent weeks to only mostly finish in my mom’s basement then brought it home to “finish” and it sat in my basement for another 3 years before my dog finally destroyed it… Surprisingly I was not upset about that “someday when I finish that painting” moment that will never come.  It was really good too!
Or the craft projects that I think up in my head.  I tell myself I WILL get to the store this weekend and I WILL get what I need to make that earring holder or necklace rack only to have life get in the way and once again say to myself, “maybe next week”. 
Or how about the workout sprees I get into then once something interrupts the flow, I loose focus or just get lazy…You know? I want to be a runner SO BAD.  I dream about running! I feel great when I do it.  But to drag myself out in the morning or after work when I just want to relax after I long day’s work? Forget about it! Just this morning I sat in my dining room thinking I should go out for a 30 minute run or even do yoga on my deck… nope-I went back to drinking my coffee and checking Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram…Maybe tomorrow morning if it’s not raining… I’ll get back into a routine again.  I just need to work it out in my mind first.

Why am I like this? I really do not know.  Lack of encouragement when I was younger? Possibly.  Hell, my parents were happy if we graduated high school.  Being a family of 8 kids and 1 income, college was not enforced.  Neither parent gradated from HS for different reasons.  For them, getting our diploma was a great accomplishment!We were not pushed to join sports or clubs.  We could join anything we wanted if we found our own ride from other friends.  THAT got annoying fast.  See, my mom did not drive and my dad worked hard all day.  He was not going to spend his evening driving all of us kids around. Honestly, I do not blame him one bit!  I only have one teenager and I was always on the move until she got her license.  I can not imagine having to do it for 8!!

Here I am typing again.  It feels good to let my mind wander and just say whatever comes to mind.  I did originally come on here to tell you about our day trip to Johns Hopkins for their admissions tour… see that? it did not happen…. and now I do not feel like telling it tonight. It’s a good story.  I was told I should blog about it some time.  Maybe someday I will ;0)


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