"Blackberry Support – how may I help you?"

     I purchased my blackberry on 2/13 of this year.  Having the phone only a month clearly makes me an expert on how to use or fix problems with it.  This is the first thought that came to my mind when a person, who we will call Bubble Butt for the imagery of the story, came to my desk yesterday.  BB was asking me how to fix a problem with her phone.  She started off the conversation with: “I had my phone in my back pocket when I was driving to work today and I think something is stuck now.”  Ok, I do not want to be mean here BUT, this person has a very large shelf butt.  And I do not care how tiny or large your butt is, you SHOULD NOT sit on it!  As I was looking at the phone and figuring out what was wrong, all I could think was, “Oh My God! Poor phone!”  And in my head, I am invisioning a cartoon Blackberry with googly eyes and big cartoon hands and feet on it’s back, hands up making a mumbling sound – trying to say “HELP ME! GET UP! CAN’T BREATH!”  I managed to keep a straight face and I did figure out the problem as just a user error.  I did suggest to BB that she lock the keys and NOT sit on it again.  But, at this point, it’s out of my hands…


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