Thinking about stuff…

I have been away from here for a while.  I have been steady busy but nothing to crazy…
I am loving my new grand niece.  I just wish I get to see he more often then just pictures.  Technology is great!  Her mama sends us pictures often via her phone.
Allyson is doing great in school – straight A’s so far!  I am very proud of her!  She just turned 15 on the 17th.  She had a tea brunch for her party.  We served chai pancakes, parfaits and green tea.  After brunch, the girls went to paint pottery
That is Allyson on the left.  They had a lot of fun.  After they finished at the pottery place, they went shopping then we headed home.  It was a LONG day for me but worth it to see them all happy.  She is busy with practice for the spring musical at school.  Next month will be the performance- Hello Dolly.  She has a part in the chorus this year.
We have been getting a lot of snow this winter.  I am ready for spring so that I can get back to my “digging in the dirt sessions”.  I need that relaxation theropy that gardening brings for me.  What I miss most however is my Sunday morning walks with Dan.  Once the snow is gone and it’s not FREEZING in the morning, I want to get back to that again. 
I have been feeling much better the past few months.  Now that I know it’s my gallbladder and I know to avoid certain foods, I feel like I can manage it better.  I have cut out peanuts, peanut butter, walnuts and bacon.  I really miss the peanut butter and bacon! 
I joined Facebook back in January – this is probably why I have neglected this blog!  I totally caved to peer preasure.  After Mike’s wedding, I got to thinking about all the people that I never see or talk to for long periods of time.  I was missing old friends! So I had my BFF set me up with top security and now I am loving it.  I had to let go of some fears of being “out there” on the net.  But, I am still guarded on what I say.  You just can not be to careful!
I just upgraded my phone to a Blackberry.  I have wanted one for the past four years and I do not know what I ever did without it!  LOVE IT!  And it’s purple!!
Dan and I have some projects in the works for the end of March.  We are going to put in new flooring in the kitchen and put in French Doors to replace the old back door and window.  I can not wait to get started on this!  We are also looking forward to getting a privacy fence between us and the neighbor with whom we are having dog issues.  Once completed, I will post pictures!
I hope all is well with everyone!

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