Did he really just say that?

Over Christmas, I opened a new credit card to a music store in our area for a somewhat large purchase that will only happen this one time- or at least I hope not. They had 1 year/same as cash… Perfect!  No interest! I just received the card on Friday and had to call to activate it.  Now, I have no plans to use this card again.  This is for a store that we only go to when the others do not have what we need in stock (cables, strings… little things).  The only reason I was activating the card was so that we can pay online.  So anyway…. I called and I’m holding, and holding.  Until finally someone picks up…

Boy: “Thank you for calling @#$% and activating your card.   How are you today?”

Me: “Fine”

Boy: Mummbling something to this effect….” I want to let you know that you can add security coverage to your card for $XYZ.00 a month to cover you incase of loss of job or death.  So with that, I will activate your card right now.”

Me: “Wait what?  You just talked so fast I could not understand a word you said!”

Boy: “Well, I was just telling you that I can add $XYZ.00 a month to your account to cover you incase you loose your job or die. This will take care of any balance you  have on your card up to $10,000 incase you can not pay.  It will totally wipe the account clean…”

Me: I interupted his speed talking…” No, I do not want to add any additional amounts to my card.”

Boy: ” I understand that Mame but death can happen at any time!”

Me:” I DO NOT want to add any additional to my account.”

Boy:  with a snotty attitude because I just cost him commission… “Ok fine.  I have activated your account. Have a nice day.” (CLICK)

And with that, he hung up on me… YEAH… definatley cancelling this card as soon as it’s paid off. What a little shit!


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