Happy New Year 2010!

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog of the new year!  I hope everone had a safe and happy holiday season!  I for one had a good year.  It had it’s sadder moments with the passing of a grandmother followed by the death of Anne, the sister of Harry/father-in-law.  That was very sad being that was a few weeks before Christmas and she was only 62. But all in all, I can’t complain.  We have been in our new house just over a year now and love having the land to tend to and plant or remove things as we wish. Allyson had a great season with marching band.  She started playing guitar this fall and is currently in the spare room ( the “music room” as we call it) with her band mate Taylor writing new songs.  She is keeping up with her striaght A’s.  Our health is good- no complaints!
I do have some exciting news to kick off the new year! My niece Angi, who is pregnant with her first child went into labor yesterday – 2.5 weeks early and at this time, still has not given birth.  I am patiently waiting on an update!  We know she is having a girl and will be naming her Veronica Willow Young.  Veronica is her husband Jeri’s aunt.  Willow needs more explanation…
She was origianlly going with the name Persephonie Jiada – not 100% on those spellings.  Persephonie is from Greek mythology- she apperently personifies spring.  Jeri fessed up on the 30th that he was not liking the name as much anymore and with the help of Ellie, my sister and her mother, the two were able to talk her out of it.  Honestly, none of us liked it.  I would have called her Persie but her real nick name out have been PJ.  So, someone suggested a family name that has never been reused – Veronica was chosen.  Then for the middle name, they were thinking Lynn.  In the baby name books under a specific name, it tells you to “also see:” with a list of names.  This is how they came apon Willow.  Angi liked Persephanie because it meant spring and she thought that was a pretty cool.  Willow says spring… she was married at “The Willows” and my family grew up in Willow Grove, PA. So, they all felt that was meant to be.   I was talking with Allyson discussing what nicknames they can use – V, Ronnie or just called her Veronica. Then it hit us – her initials will be VW – Voltswagon.  Allyson joked that we can call her Volts… Or as I added – Beetle.  OHHH Angi would kill me if I called her Beetle…  I guess I will stick with V… if she ever gets here!
I got my boots on Wednesday – LOVE them!  I also got a great deal on a pair of brown satin pumps for the wedding tomorrow… Score!
AHH -the wedding: Dan’s friend Mike from H.S. is getting married tomorrow, in downtown Philly. We meet his soon to be wife, Amanda in Hawaii when we attended another friend’s wedding 3 years ago.  We hung out one day when the guys were off doing groomsman things.  It was fun!  I thought she was very nice!   I am excited to see the gang again.  We do not get to see them much at all anymore so it will nice to catch up.  Dan and I are the old married couple of the group. We will be married 15 years on 1/28.  Anyone else that is married has not been for longer then I think 10 years.  And no one has a teenager yet!  I am debating taking my camera.  If I do, I will post a picture.  Allyson said I should leave the picture taking to the photographer but I love taking pictures!  Since I mostly take candids, I get a lot of great shots.  Who am I kidding?  I will have my camera in hand and ready to shoot that first picture of Mike and Amanda coming up the isle as man and wife!  I can’t resist!

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