Welcome 2010!

This has been one busy month.  Shopping for christmas gifts, trying to find that perfect gift for each person on my list… some I hit on target, otheres regretfully, not so much…
Then Christmas Eve dinner with Dan’s side of the family, then Christmas dinner at my one sister’s.  Saturday was shopping with my father-in-law who lives out of town ( leason learned: never go to the mall the day after Christmas when it falls on a Saturday and it’s raining out!). Then visiting with Dan’s sister Sunday before she left to go back to Boston.  Follow that up with Monday – took Al to see Avatar in 3-D.  If you have not seen it yet, do so before it leaves the theaters.  I actually started to hate the human race and sided with the Avatar.  It’s long but worth the time spent. Today I took it slower.  I have been on line all day checking and writing emails, posting my pictures from the holidays, then went food shopping.  The wind is whipping around so hard it sounds like someone screaming… quite creepy actually.
My vacation started on 12/24 and I go back towork on 1/4/10.  I will be going shopping again in another day or two.  I have a wedding to go to this Saturday and need to pick up a gift.  I found a red chiffon dress that I like on sale for $40- just need shoes and I’m set.  I am also in search for a pair of UGGS called “Smithfield”.  Waterproof leather and swede riding boots.  Perfect to wear when it’s raining and I do not want to wreck my sneakers. They are to replace another pair of Uggs I received as a gift but they were way to big.  This other pair were like the regular Uggs everyone has but since I tried them on, obsessed over them and searched everywhere, I think this other pair is more me. I tried to exchange them the day after Christmas but the mall was sold out.  Every store I went into, there was nothing left of any style.  Then I remembered this other style and I thought I should just put out the extra money on this other pair that I know I will get more use out of.  I am not trendy or preppy and skinny jeans are no longer a part of my wardrobe.  The smithfield’s and I will be a good fit- no punn intended.  This seriously has been a struggle with in – when I go to exchange something, I need instant gratification – this waiting for something to come in stock has been killing me.  I cheked on line today and they seem to be updating their stock rapidly- yeah!
I have no plans for New Years Eve.  Al is going to a party at a friends and Dan is working and will not get home until 9:00. That’s fine by me.  I never liked this night anyway.  You end up drinking to much and end up appologizing for your behavior the next day – if you remember that is.
All in all, I think this has been a very merry Christmas.  He’s to a happy and prosperous New Year for everyone!

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