What I have been up to…

      So let’s see… I found out that the only thing wrong with me is that my gallbladder is slow… so, I can either have it removed (per the surgeon’s suggestion)  and live a normal life eating whatever I want or keep watching what I eat and move on.  I think I will be doing option #2.  I went through all this just so that I know WHAT was causing me pain.  Now I know and I know how to deal with it.  It’s not a life or death situation.  If it ever does evolve into gall stones, I will take another look at the situation. I do have one more dr appointment with the GI to sum up all the test results.  I had a provaline and turkey panini for lunch today.  I am getting pain in my back… that might be from the honey mustard so I guess I will avoid that food too for a while.

    I hate my neighbors.  I wish they would retire, move away and take their damn dogs with them- Then the dogs find someone else’s yard to shit in!!!  If they cleaned up after the dog’s would be one thing but they are to damn rude to consider doing that!  My dog attacked one of their dogs one morning ( which I totally take the blame for because I did not realize their dogs were out and I let mine go for a second) and they had the nerve to tell me to figure out a way to keep my dog on my property?  That goes both ways sweetheart!  I will have the last word!  And it will be, “See ya!  Don’t bother to write!”

    Thanksgiving was nice.  I really enjoyed it this year.  Dinner at my mother-in-law’s tasted AMAZING!

    Now I am looking forward to Christmas – trying not to go broke!  I have to get the christmas cards out this weekend!!!

   I am also looking forwad to watching “Alice” on Syfy this Sunday and Monday!   Al and I LOVED “Tin Man” so I expect I will like this one too!

   We are supposed to get 1-3″ inches of snow tomorrow.  Our first snow of the season…At least I will not have to shovel!


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