It’s almost Thanksgiving!

This weekend… nothing but running around.  The high school is putting on “A night of drama” tonight and tomorrow night.  I need to take Al and her friend to school tonight and probably pick up and take home as well. Clean the house. I have pies to pick up for a fund raiser and deliver them tomorrow. Also gotta go birthday present shopping tonight for my father-in-law who is coming over tomorrow to help Dan cut down a few dead trees. Then actually get to stay for the drama show tomorrow night…
Sunday, food shop and do the wash…

I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner this year.  My mother-in-law always makes a great meal and let’s not forget the home made pies!  Her pumpkin and apple pies are my favorites!  I am not sure what I am contributing this year.  I only started getting in to cooking this past year (more then just eggs or Kraft mac n’ cheese).  I will have to hit my Paula Dean cook books for something easy to make and take with me.  Maybe something that does not require major cooking times or heating back up…. hmmm….


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