So far, so good

Good News:
They did not find any ulcers, cancer or Barrett’s when they scoped me today!  They did extract bile and will send that off to a lab for testing.  So I am hold for right now waiting on those results. 

I asked if it is possible for the bile to be causing problems with my stomach too and the Dr said it is possible but still, take the good news for now and wait and see what the results say.  I know I should be jumping for joy right not but I’m not.  I feel like rightnow I am left scratching my head.
I was speaking with the nurse after the doctor left.  I said it’s great that they did no find anything. But at the same time, I hope they do figure out what this is because I know this IS NOT in my head.  There has been someting going on for years! I always present the same symptoms: pain in the upper right side of my back, stomach pain, sometimes vomiting, indigestion. Every time I start to go to a doctor, they brush it off as IBS or an ulcer ( Which I know I do not have now!) and have me take prilosec or something for a few months until I feel better.  Not once was I sent to a specialist until now.   I was told about 10 years ago that I must have IBS and to stop eating the foods that trigger it… I think it was still pretty new and so if doctors were not sure what was wrong, diagnos IBS!  And I was never given anything to take to releave it.  After a while of not eating those foods, I felt better and slowly brought those foods back into my diet.  Then a few months to a year later maybe even two years, new foods would bother me. The symptoms would start up again and I would see a doctor. They’d say it’s an ulcer, give me nexium or something and send me on my way.  And so the pattern continued for 10 or so years. This is why I would give up. They must be right, after all.  They are the ones with the degree… The nurse told me that I am my own advicate.  And I should speak up and be heard.  She suggested to me that I keep a food journal and also note how I am feeling.  This way, I can show the pattern not just tell them about it. She is so right! I know this is not in my head.  I am not crazy or faking being sick for the attention.  I do not like to appear weak so why would I fake something like this?  Maybe this specialist will be the one to help me feel normal again! I sure hope so!


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