Bundle of nerves

OK – So I am scheduled for an upper GI tomorrow morning.  I am nervous about being put under…  I know, I know.. I was told I will be out before I know it and when I wake up I will have no memory of the test being done… The idea of having a tube down my throught makes me gag.  BUT being put under is an even worse feeling.  I have control issues and knowing that I will not know when it hits me… you know, one minute I’m talking, the next minute I’m out… THAT totally freaks me out.  I just hope I do not start crying like a baby because I am scared out of my mind.  That would just piss me off!  Crying in front of my doctor is out of the question!  Oh well, I guess there is nothing I can do about it.  They can not put the tube in if I am awake.  They would have to strap me to the table and pry my mouth open and pray I do not spew all over the place.  Same thing when taking the tube out – I imagine it would be like someting out of “Alien”.  I have a nervous stomach anyway – just going out to meet friends for drinks can get the juices flowing if you know what I mean.  So I am really trying not to think about this to much.

Let’s hope they can figure out what is causing the pain.  Since they put me on Bentyl before meals, I have have limited pain in my back.  However, I have been getting more stomach pain instead.  And this medicine makes me nautious and thirsty!  The GI Dr told me I am a mystery since my symptoms could be a number of things…. but nothing directs them more in one direction then another… keep your fingers crossed that this test does the trick!


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