I am so excited about tonight!  I am going to a Bid n’ Buy at my friend and co-worker’s Greek Orthodox church.  This is like a silent auction.  You buy your ticket to get in which does inclide dinner.  While at the front door, you buy sheets of tickets for the items to “bid” on.  On your way down to the large reception room, there is a money tree to buy chances for, then the BIG gift tables.  This year there are a few pieces of Tiffany jewelry which I hope to win but probably won’t.  Then large kitchen, bath and cheer baskets to try your luck with.  In the center of the room, they have a long table that you have to jump in line (or push like some of these women like to do) and then you circle the table like a herd of cattle.  A round and round you go… placing your tickets that you purchased at the front door in cups posted at each item in hopes that you are not wasting your precious time and money and get to go home with something amazing in hand.   While in line, you get groped, knocked into, pushed around…because half the people there think they have to get their tickets in the cups ASAP because that will guarentee their win…
   After my friends and I are done circling, we go back to our table, where there is a carafe of Zin and a cheese platter to nibble on while we wait FOREVER for dinner to be served and then the fun begins… Or, if you are competative like I am, the torture.  Waiting for my favorite items to be called and having the number called and OH!  So close!  But close only counts in horseshoes and hand granaides- right? Don’t get me wrong.   This is actually a lot of fun… A bunch of us from work go and some bring friends from outside the office.  There are a bunch of us loyals that have been going for what, 10 years now?? We sit arond the table, shoot the shit, make fun of other people we do not know and pray at least one of us does not go home empty handed.  
    So, we leave in 1.5 hours – wish us all luck!  I have my fingers and toes crossed!!!


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