Super Fans

      This is an exciting time to watch sports and live in Philly.  The Eagles beat the Giants 40-17.  Based on the cheering or cursing that came from the family room, I could tell which way the game was going from the start without ever stepping foot into the room.  And then there are the Phillies.  Playing in their 2nd World Series in 2 years!  How cool is that?  We are so close to winning.  And I hope they do win.  Not because they are playing the Yankees but because the Philly “Super Fans” are so much easier to deal with when they are happy.  I have to work with a few of these crazed fans so I know from experience.  Let me explain to any of you super fans out there what it is like to look into your world from a point of view of someone that just does not care like you do (as nice as possible).
     Phillies Super Fan #1 –  This is the most extreme of the S.F. I work with.  When any daytime Phillies game is on, we get reports shouted through the office to other S.F.’s about who is on 1st, who is up to bat, who is pitching, who just scored… She knows all this because the radio is set up on top of her desk and there is a web site she uses that sets up the baseball diamond so you can watch a small dot represent the player as they run the bases.  The rest of us, the “don’t give a shit’s of the world”  just roll our eyes and get on with our work.  Not before making some remark to each other to the likes of, “Who cares” or “Do we really need to shout the stats? That’s what phones are for….Hello?”
    S.F. #2-5 – You are the ones that make small talk about the players or the team in general even though we tell you every time that we do not really get into the game or straight up tell you we do not care!  You are the ones that constantly ask if we are going to watch the game and end each evening by shouting, “Go Phillies!” Or you make comments under your breath about the game and hope that we ask what you just said and curse ourselves for falling for it.  Because, this is the part where you will go on and on about the game, totally ingoring the blank stare that has crept across my face.   And while you are talking, I am thinking of a quick escape or praying that one of my co- don’t give a shit’s will come rescue me! It’s this or be rude and just walk away.  Even when we resort to this, you don’t get the hint and follow us to continue your story.  You are also so superstitious it’s borderline insane…Not wearing your team shirt because they loose every time you wear it, really has no iffluence on the game outcome.  And eating the same thing every game day because they won last time you ate that? Luckily I do not know the ones that wear the same dirty socks or underwear ( Or at least I am not aware of any S.F. like this). Remember- If they suck, it’s not your fault.  This goes for any sport really… come on.  Disappointment always goes along with being a fan of any Philly sports team!  
    Here’s something to out your panties in a bunch… I just realized the guys name is not Vic Torino!  Ha-Ha so there!  And another thing, just because someone is from Jersey, that does not automatically make them a S.F. of the Yankees, Devils or the Giants.  Fans yes, but not necessarily in the league you are in.   Do not act sympathetic wishing that person good luck as if they are actually playing in the game or know someone who is just so you can be the bigger person and not try to rub in the fact that deep down you want them all to die.
   When the Phillies made it to the World Series, I should have been real excited and jumped on the ban wagon.  But,  instead I thought, ” This better be fast.”  I say this because when they win, every S.F. is in a great mood the next day.  They are happy, joking and don’t even go on and on about the game… very odd.  But if they loose, holy crap you better run for the hills!  When the Phillies won the game 1, the reaction was typical of any S.F.  “they are the greatest team, we are going all the way, no one can stop us…” But after they lost to the Yankees in game 2, depression set in.  Or was it the hang over from drinking to much the night before?  Either way, we heard over and over “the ump better learn how to make calls,  this person was not playing like he should be, it’s not looking good for the team, they better step up next time.”  Game 3 was Saturday so I was not subjected to more depression.  Game 4 is tonight and the Phillies are down.  The Yankees won the last two games.   If they loose again tonight, tomorrow is going to be shear hell! I plan on going in, with my head down as not to make eye contact with the S.F.’s so that I do not get trapped listening to how badly “we” lost.  And again I get to say, ” This is why I do not watch baseball”  or ” ok, get over it!”

I am not saying you can’t cheer on your team.  I think being a sports fan is fun… but what I am begging of you is to have respect for those of us that do not feel the need to bleed for the team.  Just say, “good game last night -Hey?” Let us say, “yep” and be done with it.

     We have one S.F. of the Eagles in my office -and I mean S.F. all the way down to her pets names and favorite color…. However,  she handles things so much better. If the Eagles loose on Sunday, you can bet your bottom dollar that she will not be in on Monday. But if she is in, she does not curse the team or talk trash.  She stands by them through thick and thin.  And when they win, she does not come in with her chest puffed out.  She quietly treats the office to Dunkin Donuts.   She has had a rough couple of weeks personally so I hope their win today cheered her up even an little. 


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