Not a bad ending to a rainy weekend!

Friday night was horrible!  It rained.  It was cold.  The marching band still had to perform at the game that night.  It was lightly raining for the 1st 2 quarters.  Then is cleared up just long enough for our band to play one song.  Not march, but stand there and play a song.  They were not their typical disciplined selves in the stands either.  It was cold so they did not want to be there.  Plus it was homecoming so old friends came back to visit.  I was surprised to see that the band director did not scold them for acting like typical kids and not the “army” that they should act like while in uniform.  I was actually embarassed by some of the behavior.  Not all the kids were goofing off but the ones that were, really made the rest look bad.  And this is the game my mother-in-law decides to come to see.  UGH!  It was the worst!  After the half time “show”, the rain really started coming down.  At this point, I was so cold and wet, I was physically shaking.  I could not wait to get home. Luckily, the band was allowed to leave so we high-tailed it out of there!  I was still shivering for a few hours after I got home.  I felt bad for the visiting team’s band.  They did not get to perform at all! 

Saturday was another wash out.  But not so bad.  Allyson’s band festival was cancelled due to rain which made it possible for her to go to the homecoming dance.  Lucky for her she had dresses that still fit to choose from. We had Dan’s cousin Randy in from Florida.  He was staying in Stroudsburg for a business trip so Megan (Dan’s sister) arranged for all of us to have dinner.  First, they were coming to our house.  It was a last minute change so naturally, we raced to clean the house, sedate the dog plus buy beer, soda and brie with figs and candied walnuts/almonds (Yum!).  We had a chance to sit and catch up.  That was nice.  We had not seen Randy in probably 5 years.  When it was time to leave for dinner ( Allentown BrewWorks) it was pouring outside! The roads were flooding and it was raining so hard, you could not see to well out the car window.  That passed fairly quickly and by the time we made it to Allentown, it was a good 5-10 degrees warmer then down at our house.  The food was good and the beer was better.  It will probably be several more years before we see Randy again.  I hope he had as good a time as Dan and I did.

This morning, Dan and I took our Sunday morning walk.  Dan was telling me he had read a random story about a guy who walks around perkasie at night.  In the article, the man talks about this old trolly tunnel that is only accessable by foot or bike.  No cars can drive though here.  At one point, the man is walking through this tunnel and swears he saw a ghost!  This place was only another 10 minutes or so from where we were in our walk.  Dan and I always wondered what was on the other side of this tunnel so we decided to go see. 

As we were walking through, the wind got very cold just like the man said in his story…ok well, you are in a tunnel… so you should expect some wind when it’s windy out… So, we got to the other side, no ghost or eerie feeling of one present (bummer)…On the other side, there is a grassy path which seamed to narrow.  We did not follow it since for all we knew, it could have led to a backyard or something.  But what we did find to the right just over a small hill was so cool….

Tucked away at the end of Chestnut Street is a Pre-Revolutionary War family cemetary.  This is the final resting place of the Stout family.  I was so excited when we found this!  Although this is probably old news to anyone that lives over there, for me it was like finding gold.  I love history and this just makes this area a little more interesting to me.  I am so glad I took my camera today!

Since we took our detour, the walk was longer then expected – 2.5 hours.  We took a different way home as well.  It was such a beautiful fall day we did not notice how long the walk was taking! 

When we got home, we found that Greta let herself out of the house.  Al said she thought we put her out when we left and did not think twice about it.  Thank goodness there was no interaction with the neighbors or worse, having her get hit by a car!  Al said she was in her spot by the shed the whole time.  Maybe she did not realize that we was not tied up!

I tried two new recipes for dinner tonight -For dinner we had chicken and dumplings- this was a totally different recipe- instead of noodle type dumplings, this was thick doughy ones – I put rosemarry in the batter.  It was so good!  Then for desert, Apple Brown Betty – I think I used the wrong size baking dish because the apples did not cook all the way though.  It was still good though.  I served it warm with vanilla bean ice cream on top!

Now I am off to finish the wash and watch TV before I go to bed… I have work tomorrow.  I wonder if I will get my test results back…


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