Tomorrow is test day

I have my ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow at 12:45.  No eating or drinking for 6 hours prior.  I think I will be getting up at 5:00, eating, then going back to bed for a few hours.  I get to work from home in the morning so that I do not miss to much time.  Wish me luck!

I was on MSN today and came across this small town USA that I think I need to visit- Lexington, VA

I can see myself walking down this Main Street with my family, eating an ice cream cone, shopping in the local shops, meeting the locals… Maybe there will be an apple pie warming in the bakery as well! 
I love small towns like this.  I love to take pictures of the streets.  Just like the one above.  I love the vintage feel.  I think I will need to make this a stop on one of our future road trips.
If you are ever in the north east area of PA, you might want to check out Milford, PA.  This is another small town that time has forgotten.   It is right at the start (or end) of RT 6 on the PA, NJ border.  I had the chance to drive through this town once on the start of our infamous Fargo road trip.   I think I need to take the drive up there and spend the day…

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