We got in late last night.  After the band festival (score of Excelent and also overall best drum major) we made a late night run to Taco Bell before coming home.  By the time we ate, it was well after midnight.  Last night was a lot of fun!
I slept in until 9:30 this morning…got up, ate breakfast and then Dan and I took our Sunday walk.  About 20 minutes into the walk I started having that pain again.  I would said the pain was a 9 by the time we were through. It subsided for most of the day (down to a 3-5 off and on) and just started up again around 7:00 while I was eating dinner.  I am looking forward to sleeping so that I do not have to think about it anymore.  I now feel like something is pushing against the side of my stomache outward .  I will call the doctor from work tomorrow.  I am sure it’s my gall bladder this time.

Allyson and I made cantaloupe pie this afternoon to prove to her friends that you can make pie out of cantaloupe.  It tasted ok.  It’s not something I would ever take to a picnic.  You would have to be crazy about this fruit to eat this pie!  It made the pie crust soggy so when I tried to take a slice out for the girls at work to try, it fell apart… ( You got lucky this time Joanne!) Maybe it needed more time to set… So, in the trash it went…. Oh well.  We tried it, it worked, we are moving on.
I still have not made the roast that I wanted to make from 2 weeks ago.  Today just flew by.  So I am going to throw it all in the crock pot, lock it up in the office and let it cook while I am at work.  I hope it works… I do not want to have to have pizza tomorrow night!

What’s on the agenda for this week: Homecoming parade and football game Friday night.  Another festival ( Neshaminy) and pot luck dinner on Saturday.  Peace and quiet on Sunday – I hope!


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