Thinking about stuff…

I am sitting here at work thinking about a lot of things… so, I thought I would share my random thoughts today…

My mood – kind of tired.  I woke up with a cold this morning.  I have dull sinus pain that does not want to go away.

Last thing I read- the story about the 1st grade boy who was kicked out of school for wanting to use his camping knife/fork/spoon thing to eat his lunch.  I agree with the no tollerance policies that schools have resorted to in order to keep our kids safe.  BUT, I do think they should be able to use common sense when issuing punishment.  The sad thing is, there is no more common sense out there.  In the same article, a little girl’s grandmother sent in a birthday cake with a knife to cut the cake.  The teacher reported the knife and the girl was expelled…. AFTER the cake was cut.  And part of their sentence is to send the kids to reform school.  Seriously?  Isn’t that were the real troubled kids go?  At my daughter’s middle school, you are not allowed to borrow money from a friend for lunch because someone can interpret that as bullying.  Give me a break!  There’s the “no kid left behind” rule which keeps everything fair so no childs feelings get hurt.  But there’s a “no tollerance” rule on behavior.  So, we will have a generation of whimpy kids who cry a lot, expect everything handed to them but affraid to move because they will get in trouble.  Spare the rod, spoil the child… to the extreme!

Sad news –  Dan’s grandmother Marie Camenisch died 9/30.  We had the funeral last week.  She was 92.

Good news – Allyson finally gets her braces off on 11/30!

New toy – 2006 Pontiac Torrent.  Traded in the Jeep last Thursday just because…

From the garden – I’ve collected my seeds and cut back some annuals this weekend.  We are expecting more frost for tomorrow morning… I need to remember to bring in my potted plants!

This past weekend – visited with friends this weekend.  Had dinner at Michele’s on Saturday.  On Sunday we watched the Eagles game with a bunch of Dan’s old friends that we have not seen in at least three years!  Marching Band came in 3rd for their division at competitions in Nazereth.
See the picture of the swans?  These swans were in this yard, right off of the sidewalk when Dan and I took our walk through town this Sunday ( new ritual – 4.5 mile loop through town on Sunday mornings).  They live in the pond that belongs to the park system behind this house .  They were so pretty!

What’s up this coming weekend – away game with the marching band at Hatboro Horsham on Friday night (supposed to rain).  On Saturday we have a band festival at William Tennent.  Making Mac n’ cheese in the crock pot for the band’s pot luck dinner and also baking some cookies to contribute. 

For the near future – I’m looking forward to the end of October when life will slow down.  It will be nice to have nothing planned on the weekends for a while!  I want to make soups and chili to freeze for the winter months!


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