What a crazy 4 days!

Boy am I tired!  First we started off with the Phillies game on 10/1.  On, 10/2 I made 8 dozen cookies for the snack stand on 10/3.  Then I picked Allyson up from school at 3:30 and came home to find an email from her band director that they need the bring their uniforms home with them for the game that night.  Allyson had checked the uniform room before I picked her up and the room was empty so she figured it was still on the equipment truck from the night before and it would be at the field already to change in to for that night’s football game.  So, totally freaked out now, we race back to the school and search everywhere.  We called her section leader and he helped make phone calls to see if anyone else had seen her uniform. He was one of the few that unloaded all the uniforms into the uniform room after the Phillies so he knows it was there.  Well, no luck finding it.  We decided to go home, have Allyson change into her clothes she wears under the uniform and then we would go to the field and see if we can find it.  At this point, we have 20 minutes before she HAS to be there, dressed and ready to practice.  As we pulled up and got out of the car, the drum major pulled up and luckily, he had all the uniforms that were left in the room after 2:30 today.  Since Al had stayed late, he would have had no idea she would be looking for it.  Problem solved.  I went back home to chill for a while before going back to the field to watch Souderton kick our butts.  One of our players was taken out on a stretcher.  He’s ok though.
On Saturday 10/3 we had to get ready for the competitions that our school hosts – the Spectrum of Sound.  Al had to be at the high school to practice at 12:00.  After dropping her off, Dan and I did the food shopping.  Then before I knew it, I had to be at the field to help set up the snack stand at 3:00.  So, I did the snack stand until 7:00.  I got to watch the performances and then went back to help clean up the stand at 9:30.  I got out of there at 10:00.  That was a long day.  Council Rock North kicked butt – they were awesome- my fav of the night. Neshameny was my 2nd favorite.  Since we hosted, we did not compete.  Our band did a great job performing at the end of the night for the exhabition.  It was a long day for them  with practice from 12-4:30 then one practice before performing at 8:45.
I also ran inot my cousin that I have not seen in forever.  At first I was not sure if it was really him!  His daughter is on color guard for Nashameny.  It was great to see him!
This morning Dan and I got up and walked 4.5 miles round trip through Sellersville.  It was a beautiful morning for a walk.  But by the end, I was wiped out and have been for the rest of the day.  I have a feeling it is going to take a few days to feel normal again!


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