Baseball? I just don’t get it…

Last night, Pennridge H.S. Marching Rams played on the field at the Phillies/Astros game.  It was really exciting to see them and know that Allyson will always remember walking on to the field with the band… excuse me, marching on to the field.  She had a GREAT time! 

Me on the other hand…. Well, that’s another story.  Dan and I got to the field almost an hour early.  We got in to the stadium and went up to the sky bar, roof top bar, what ever it’s called and we were able to see the band practice in the street behind us.  That was cool! But if we had known they were there, we would have went over, stood and watched.  I was able to get pictures but their backs are to me in most of them… There’s Allyson – top row, 2nd from right.

Then, Dan and I ate and found our seats with a few minutes to chill before the band came out.  YEA!!! They played, sounded amazing and I think I even saw Allyson on the jumbotron! 

Then the game started – ok great! I had been to only one Phillies game before years ago and I really do not remember anyting about that day so this was pretty much new to me.  The two seats next to me were empty – sweet! I was able to put my handbag on the seat as not to get grimmy from being on the floor and I had arm room! The national anthem was sung beautifully and I am sure the “Deaf Signing Choir” did a great job.  Since you can not hear them and everyone was watching the flag, I can only assume they were signing the right thing.  Through out the first 3 innings, I could not for the life of me understand why the crowd was booing this Phillie ever time he was up to bat! How rude!  Then it hit me!  I turned to Dan and asked if they were booing or calling the guys name?  And then I realized and Dan confirmed they were saying RAUL.  Ok- had to laugh at myself at this point.  Yeah- I felt really dumb.  Dan laughed at me and gave him some ammo to pick on me later.  Now it’s the bottom of the 5th.  Here comes Gigantor and his friend, the residents of the seats next to me.  I ended up having to sit with my torso twisted to left and my arms tucked in front of me in order for him to comfortably stuff his face with the fries and Bubba Burger he thought to bring with him.  All the while taking a walk down memory lane with his friend for the ENTIRE game.  At some point when I was staring off into space, I heard everyone gasp!  That got my attention and I looked out on the field with excitement but sadly, nothing was happening.  I was thinking their might be a fight or something but that apparently does not happen in baseball.  The two ladies behind me talked most of the time too.  Then left to eat.  Then came back, complained that they were still hungry and bought hot dogs that Dan had to pass back and forth with their money to pay.  Oh did I forget to mention we were the 2nd to last row from the back and the two end seats? The hot dog vendor couldn’t move up a step?  What ever.  It did not seam to bother Dan like it bothered me. I don’t mind helping out the people but come on, if you are a food vendor, it’s your job to go to the people who are buying it! They were right there! 6th inning came – Gigantor was ready to get up and I REALLY needed to stretch my arms so Dan and I decided to take a walk to get water.  We got back at the top of the 7th.  Then, all of a sudden, music starts to play and everyone stands up! Most of the people are dancing and singing “Play that funky music white boy.”  I looked and Dan.  I must have had a very confused look on my face and so he told me it’s the 7th inning stretch.  And so I asked, “But why is everyone standing?”  OHHH to stretch!  I always thought the 7th inning stretch meant it was almost over!  My God!  For as often as I had to get up to let people out, this part of the game could have been avoided!  I got to watch a bunch of people make fools of themselves in hopes of getting on the jumbotron – OHHH how exciting for me! So, the rest of the game went pretty much the same.  We were loosing.  Gigantor talked more.  And every time the ball was hit into the outfield, the crowd got SO excited just before the big left down when the call was caught.  Hello!  Wait until the ball is caught or not to make noise!  Most of the time it’s caught anyway!  Duh! 

So, I walk away from the evening with a few inside jokes on my part – my gift to Dan, a few Phillies dust rags – what will I ever use the rally towel for again?  I didn’t even use it at the game, and the realization that I really do not like baseball.  I will stick to hockey. At least there, yelling obsenities at the players is excepted and if your really lucky, might see some blood!  The music is better too! Yeah!  That’s what I’m talking about!


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