What a morning!

My alarm went off at 5:45 just like any other school day.  I need to get up and make sure my daughter Allyson is up and ready for school.  Her bus comes at 6:15. We live on a rural road with no street light so I need to watch her step up on to the bus ( for my own piece of mind).    Well, this morning, I opened my eyes and notice there were no lights on in the house… GREAT- she over slept…
I roll out of bed and went to her room to wake her.  Still half asleep, I hear her put something in the microwave and asked me to make her some coffee or a latte.  Now, coffee has never been a pleasing smell for me but this time, the brew stuck to the high heavens!  What was wrong with the coffee?  Then I turned to see thick gray smoke POURING out of the microwave!  Holy crap!  Allyson set the microwave on fire ( again! ).  Jesus Christ!  I pulled the smouldering mass of what was a frozen pastry out and threw it on the back deck.  I did not see flames so I knew it was safe to throw it.  I read the microwave directions on the box.  Cook time was 25 seconds.  She must have put it in there for 2 minutes and 50 seconds!  Like a good mom, I made her another pastry and her a latte and she went on her way.  Later, I put our dog, Greta,  out but forgot the pastry was there.  Greta quickly picked it up, paper towel still burnt on and carried it away.  I was able to remove the paper towel before Greta happily crunched down and gobbled it up.  I just hope it does not make her sick! I do not want to write about what I walk into going home today!  LOL.


One thought on “What a morning!

  1. Mary.. This is the best thing ever.. I laughed my ass off .. because sometimes I don't get to hear your morning reports when you tell Michele and I know you don't like to repeat yourself… so this is great.. Keep up the good work.. Proud of you!!

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