Just starting out

Ok – so this is my first post on a blog ever!  It’s a little intimidating but I am sure after a little time playing around with the features, it will get better with time.  I decided I need an outlet.  A place to say what is on my mind at any given time… all different thoughts… happy, sad, angry, pointless- what ever.  Sometimes I feel like I talk to much.  If I can get something off my chest, the less I will feel compelled to talk and talk and talk about it.  It’s true what they say, “If you right it down, you will feel better.”  I am not sure who “they” are but it works.  You might agree with what I have to say.  You might totally disagree and think I am totally nuts.  But that’s ok.  I really do not care. 

I am not going to go into great details on who I am, what I do for a living or my family life.   That is all information to give out on a need to know basis.  Besides, if I tell you all about me, why would you come back to see what I might have to say next?  I will say that I am 34.  I have been happily married for 14.5 years and we have an amazing daughter who just started 9th grade and is a talanted musician.  I am the youngest of 8 and both parents have passed on. 

With that said, lets get into my headspace and tell you what’s going on up there…

I had lunch today with my very best friend from my childhood.  She moved to a town over in 5th grade and we stayed in touch until highschool. We really had not seen or spoke to each other in 18 years or something crazy like that.  Life goes on, you loose touch.  SHE found me by running into my brother one day this summer and gave him her phone # to have me call her back… and I did. This was our first of many lunches and I can not wait for the next one.  It was like time did not pass by us – no nervous tension, no small talk…. it was great!  You know you were meant to be friends if you can just pick up where you left off 18 years ago ( minus my flannel and high tops).

I love gardening!  To me, it is a stress reliever.  When I get started on a new garden, I can not stop until all the plants are in the ground and it is never a small scale venture.  Yesterday’s “digging in the dirt” session consisted of planing a new garden on the one side of my house – 24 hostas, 1 piera bush, 4 asters and a dwarf pear tree ( minus the partidge).  It took approx. 5 hours to complete and I did recruit my husband around hour 4 to help with clean up and the last of the sod removal.  By that time my arms were dead!  I am just starting to feel sore.  I dread waking up tomorrow.  I hope I can move!

We just got finished watching the new Family Guy and The Cleveland Show.  OMG!  They were too damn funny.  If you have not seen them, I suggest you watch next week.  Watch a few episodes before you decide if you hate it or not.  It took me about 10 episodes or so before I liked Family Guy.  I “get it” now and laugh my ass off every time…The Cleveland Show is brand new but I am sure I will love it just as much.

As for another show we like to watch, CBS- What are you thinking?  You need to put Rules of Engangement on as your normal line up!  None of this mid-season crap!  Monday night is your best night for comedy.  Test the new shows for 2 or three weeks then move that show to another night.  But not Wednesday or Friday… Tuesday or Thursday will work well…
And why can’t I see Criminal Minds or Ghost Whisperer On Demand?  That new Jena Elfman show is On Demand and that has only been on TV once already… and it will tank… trust me.

Well – that’s about it for now.  I am getting behind on the wash and I need to get the work clothes clean for tomorrow… I hope you enjoy my first post.  I am just getting started!!


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